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The story of Nanna
By Lorraine

Nanna was found earlier this year near Finestrat, and brought into Benidorm Shelter (BS). Within a few days she had raised the population by a further 9 !!.....little white fluffy puppies. 6 were put to sleep (as is the practice over here) and 3 retained (these were subsequently found new owners).

I gave her the name of Nanna because she was like a big Nanny always looking after her pups.....I wonder how many she has had in her life.....I feel that she may well have been a 'breeding machine'. In BS she was very nervous of other dogs and humans (although she seemed to take to me....and I certainly took to her!)....she would never bark and was very subserviant, being picked on by other agressive dogs.....she always seemed to have bites and cuts on her. I contacted a vet I know and told her about Nanna, and she suggested some antibiotics to give, which may help her.

For 4 months I looked out for her in BS, and fell in love.....I did feel sorry for her, and wanted to take her away and give her a better life.....but what would Chris say??

We brought her to PACK
Once our own PACK shelter was up and running, I felt that now I could easily cope with looking after her.....so I spoke with Chris, and he agreed! So, in July she left BS and I brought her to PACK. Before I could mix her our other dogs, she had to have a bath.....she was dirty, smelly and full of fleas and ticks. She just stood there whilst we shampooed and hosed her down, and took whatever was done to her.

Then to the vet, who thought she was probably only about 5 or 6 years old.....but looked much, much older! The vet also diagnosed that she probably had 'leshmanosis' but a blood test would confirm, plus she needed various vaccinations.....
Then we introduced her to our other dogs.....plus space, peace and tranquillity! Being so subserviant, she was pretty much accepted straight away.....as she was no threat to any of them.....even our cats didn't seem to worry about her.

Two days later we received the news from the vet.....he was right, she had 'leshmanosis'.... and we agreed to start treating her straight away......this meant 10 injections of 10 ml (one injection a day, which I had to do), followed by another blood test, to check that the liver and kidneys were ok (the treatment is very toxic to these organs).....and, if they were, a further 10 injections. Also, she would have a tablet a day for the rest of her life. We also decided to give her 2 'immunity' tablets a day, to build up her immune system.

Within a few days the open wounds had healed up, and she seemed to be getting some energy from somewhere!.....she was even barking! Within a week she began to look like a proper dog (rather than a polar bear) and there were traces of a creamy coat coming through, rather than white/grey.

Nanna has been with us now for 1 month, and is definitely part of the family. Her injections are finished (for the time being) and she seems to be loving her new home and friends. Let's hope that she has many more years of a, now, enjoyable life.

Big Nanna always friendly...

She was accepted straight away!

Now a part of the family

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